Our Multimedia Marketing Services

Check out all of the creative services we bring to your industry here at Kroll Media! You can hire us on an as-needed basis, or schedule out your needs for the year.

Graphic Design

Color, type, and visual flow all tell your story in the most important ways. Look at some of our best apparel design, logos, snowboard decal work, and more!

Video Production

Cinema adds motion and adventure to what you're looking to say. Watch and enjoy a recent social media commerical we produced.

Content Writing

Every good story begins with quality written content. Read some content we have written for one of many auto detailing shops across the country.


A still picture can really say a lot about you or your organization. Our team works exclusively on local and regional real estate photography, providing quick turaround times and quality work.

Web Design

Form and function marry in the place where your customer ends up. Explore a website we designed and check with us for our affordable packages.

Audio Production

Storytelling isn't and shouldn't only be visual. Listen to instrumentals produced by our team on your favorite streaming service.

Industry Multimedia Marketing Packages

Kroll Media specializes in creating SEO-friendly websites, social media posts, and general branding for specific industries. Here is a look into what industries we currently serve. Connect with us directly if you want to learn more!

Salons and Spas

Whether you cut hair, paint nails, or heal through the art of massage, it is not your job to worry about your website, SEO content, or marketing materials. Leave it up to us!


Ski Hills

Spend more time shredding the gnar and less sitting behind your computer counting "likes" and "follows". We work with small to medium-sized ski and snowboard hills to get them results!


Bowling Alleys

Bowl a perfect game with your marketing materials! We can provide your bowling alley with an SEO-friendly website, updates throughout the year, and engaging social media.


Frequently Ask Questions

Kroll Media is led by an educator, and we want to answer all your multimedia marketing questions. Here are a select few that we commonly get.

What does graphic design all entail?

Graphic design is a pretty subjective area in the marketing industry. Many wonder "can you make THIS for us?" and generally, the answer is always "yes." Some common graphic design projects include, but are certainly not limited to, business cards, flyers, menus, t-shirt designs, car decals, and anything that can be printed somewhere.

Do you do portraits or wedding photography?

We do not do wedding photography, school pictures, pet photos, or headshots at this time. It is not because we do not have the capabilities to do so, but rather because at this time, we only have the staff to work on real estate photography, automotive photography, and the visual capture of inanimate subjects.

Can you provide animated graphics for me?

Absolutely! This generally falls under our Video Production service, though our team is capable of animating type, creating simple motion graphics, and in some cases, working with 3D modeling and environment animation. Most commonly, we receive projects that incorporate kinetic typography in some way.

Why don't you have ALL of your work posted here?

Aside from a lack of bandwidth and the general trend that individuals quickly browse a few projects in a portfolio before making a decision, we do not always have clearance to share client work on our website. To have a look at samples that we cannot post here, please email us.

Does web design cost a lot of money?

Not at all! Our base level website package starts at $500 and additionally, fully custom website can be tailored to the needs of the client. No obligation quotes are always available upon request.

Can you edit videos that I filmed myself?

Yes we can, and quite frequently we have projects like this. Bear in mind that the results you get from this type of project are contingent on HOW you filmed the footage, and WHAT you filmed it on. We can only edit together what we receive and CANNOT increase the quality of your footage once it is captured.

About Kroll Media

Bradley and his team help small to large businesses nationwide with graphic design, web design, content writing, video production, and photography. Think of this team as being the "carpenters" of the marketing industry, building the pieces of your final marketing and advertising plan.

Founded in 2009, Bradley expertly leads his team in art and creative direction on your design, video, website, and content writing. Bradley sees first hand how the aesthetic side of marketing connects with customers, and pushes to make positive impacts in all industries via multimedia.

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